Honeywell IMBKYA Electrical Insulation Mat Class A

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ELECTRICAL INSULATION MAT CLASS A. Provides a unique solution to protect workers against electric shock across substations, transformer rooms, LT and HT control panels, electrical switch rooms for AC and DC

installations, battery rooms, and generator set rooms.


• Flame Retardant Bicolor Mat

• High Dielectric Strength (Suitable for both DC and AC electrical installations)

• Working Temperature ( -10 to 55 °C )

• Shock Proof, Moisture & Water Repellant

• Elastomer PVC Material

• Insulation Resistance up to 10,000,000 M with 500 V Megger

• Good tensile strength and elongation properties

• Ensures low brittle and cracks with good foldability

• Thickness: 2.0 mm

• Working Voltage: 3.3 KV

• AC Proof Voltage: 10 KV

• Dielectric Strength: 30 KV

• SIZE: 1M x 10M x 2.0MM