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SR-H-MC Replacement MICROceL Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Sensor

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MICROceL HS - Hydrogen Sulphide sensor Performance Characteristics: Nominal Range: 0-100ppm Maximum Overload: 1000ppm Expected Operating Life: Two years in Air Output Signal: 0.105 ± 0.025 μA/ppm Resolution: 0.2ppm Temperature Range: -40°C to +50°C Pressure Range: Atmospheric ± 10% T50 Response Time: <10 seconds T90 Response Time: 25 to 40 seconds typically Relative Humidity Range: 15 to 90% non-condensing Typical Baseline Range (pure air): -2 to +1ppm equivalent Maximum Zero Shift (+20°C to +40°C): <0.2ppm equivalent Long Term Output Drift: <5% signal loss/year Recommended Load Resistor: 10Ω Bias Voltage: Not required Repeatability: <2% of signal Output Linearity: Linear N.B. All performance data is based on conditions at 20°C,50%RH, and 1013mBar unless otherwise noted. Note: The graphic of this sensor is an example only and sensor cap/body colour may vary depending upon gas sensor type ordered or manufacturing modification.